O-300L Lux Diamond Series

  • Features
  • 3 Gas Burners
    Electrostatic -Painted Body 
    Enamelled Grid and Burner caps
    Knockdown feet  with  non-slip bottom
    Metal Lid Option
    Rapid Burner - 1.8kW 
    Semirapid Burner -1.3kW
    Auxiliary Burner – 0,9 kW
  • Technical Information
  • Prodcuct Code: O-300L
    Units/Pack: 1
    Volume: 0.045
    Dimension: 745X455X135

  • Color Options
  • Container Information
  • 40HQ PCS

    Trailer Truck PCS

    Dimensions (mm)

    All quantities are subject to +/-  10% tolerance

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